Last night I was fooling around with the 0-COAST, and got stuck on a very nice loop between the slope and the contour, as you do - that this is a single voice synth still blows my mind. A slow, gorgeous drone was coming out of the monitors (almost as if granulated), with the mass of a thousand Suns. I was very much in the zone, but it was late, and I had to shut things down.

Luckily I left the delay pedal to last. I was testing how the octave mode behaved with the continuous growl coming out of the 0-COAST. When the delay was the only thing left, it was clear the drone had been blocking something a lot nicer. I increased the decay amount to avoid losing the signal, and pushed up the send amount on the return channel. This created a feedback loop with only the delay sound.

Feedback is hard to tame. A tiny increase on one end can bring the whole thing crashing down (sometimes in a painful way). The Mirage gives you many ways of controlling it, and at the same time allows for plenty of creativity. There are several repeat patterns, a tremolo, a swell, and a resonant filter - you can modulate all these. To top it off, you can add randomness to the volume of each repeat.

I came back to this the next day, at a more respectable hour (living in a London flat and all that). I ended up with a proper track out of the process - it is definitely something I will incorporate in future tracks.

P.S. The next day Chris Bartels asked for interesting ways to develop a texture or pad, one of the replies was:


which is similar to what I have done - add effect, cut main sound, play with what’s left of the effect.