This week in my Buy Music Club recommendations, new music from Jeannine Schulz, tehn, and Rinnovare.

Jeannine Schulz - Tides

Jeannine Schulz released a slew of albums and tracks in 2020, Tides is the latest one. The amount of ambient goodness she packs into just two tracks is incredible, you can expect more of her trademark stillness that is always reeling you in.

tehn - gnostics

tehn is Brian Crabtree of monome fame. gnostics is the result of 10 years of waiting, and is a mix of field recordings, drones, polyrhythms, and what feels to me like just sitting and listening to the world go by. A complete surprise (as he doesn’t release often), and the best way to start 2021.

Rinnovare - To be in the grey is okay

A single track, To be in the grey is okay is a collaboration between Rinnovare and Benoît Pioulard. It’s a gentle lullaby that does what it says on the tin, and just lets you be.